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TBH a lot of y’all can't cook or maybe I am spoiled because I grew up with a family who knew how to cook all my life. When I got to college, I did what I had to do. I started cooking for my friends. Grateful for my mother who introduced me to a variety of cuisines outside of my own Jamaican culture which made me love others also. As I ventured out on my own, I traveled by traveling to new places I found a new interest in restaurant reviews. My reviews are based on the interior of the place, how I am treated as a Black woman, and most of all the FOOD!

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Post-graduate life has been an exciting journey. I moved across the country to a city I only knew because of Twilight. I got laid off within 3 months of relocating and much more. The main thing I learned on this journey is there is so much more to life outside of work.

1.      Rest! (If you can)-This s for my immigrant girlies. Instead of going directly to work, I took a 3-month break. During this time, I was able to recharge and enjoy life and discover myself outside of a corporate invite.

2.     Book That Trip! - My closest friends and I booked an all-inclusive trip to Cancun; Mexico and it was of my most memorable trips to date!  

3.     Make time for your friends- I am guilty of not responding to text messages. I prefer writing letters once a month and sending postcards. If you want to keep those valuable connections, YOU also must make an effort. 

4.     Read! - Abeg. During my time in college, I was burnt out from academic reading. I started reading only Queer Fiction Literature. Find Book recommendations Here.  

Relax! My catchphrase is “At the end of the day I Always Win.” Everyone is doing different things or doing nothing at all. It is all OKAY! Work at your own pace and in timing it will come. I am living proof *slay emoji*  

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