Yes I Did That

Queer Prom

Held a Queer prom for students of color with approximately 500 attendees. Due to covid many of the undergraduates did not attend prom. So, my goal for this event was for those students to have their own Prom moment and create new memories within a safe space.


500 + attendees. Gave away various skateboarding gear such as helmets, sweatshirts, and roller skates. I also held a skating session where I taught various community members to skate. Collaborated with 1-800-Skatebabe and Proper Gnar.

Squid Games Black Edition

Created a twist on the Award-Winning Netflix show Squid Games by playing traditional games from the Black diaspora. Winners were able to receive various Apple products. Approximately 80 attendees.

Spelling Bee

Inspired by Akeelah and the Bee Held a spelling bee with approximately 30 attendees. Prizes were various honey-like products from Black Owned companies.

Brands I’ve worked with

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