At the end of the day I always win.
Abi Robinson

︎  Aspiring Set Decorator 

About Me

My Jamaican roots are the driving factor behind my community-oriented lifestyle. Pursuing joy with those around me is highlighted in my personal life and an ideal working environment. I am currently a Creative Cloud Community Events Coordinator at Adobe. I coordinate events within various local communities across the US. I have 5 years of professional experience in event planning for colleges, universities, and small community gatherings. This experience merged with my upbringing, is integral to the success of my events. It is where the personal and the communal collide. The colors of Jamaica and the Caribbean have given me insight into color palettes that make my sets unique and deeply saturated.  Outside of work, you can find me skateboarding, reading Black Queer Literature, exploring local art galleries, and capturing photos of the beautiful life I have created for myself and my community.”

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